Fumigation FAQs

If you are currently thinking about fumigating your home you may have a few questions. This is an important decision and it can help to have as much information as possible before making it. It is also a fact that he more you understand about the fumigation process the more smoothly things are likely to go. Here are just some of the most common fumigation FAQs – if you have other questions you will be able to get more comprehensive answers from the fumigation team.

The Most Common Fumigation FAQs

Do I Really Need Fumigation?

This is probably the most important of all fumigation FAQs. In order to get a correct answer it will probably be necessary to consult the experts – here are just a few pointers to give you an idea. Most people who choose fumigation will have tried other things and failed and now this is their only choice. Other people choose this technique because they have been advised by the professionals that this is now their only option.

How soon do I Need to Arrange Fumigation?

In most instances the sooner the better. It is understandable that people want to delay – maybe they don’t really have the spare cash for this at the moment or it seems like an inconvenient time. The problem is that the longer you delay the more damage is likely to occur and the more it is going to cost and the more disruption there is going to be. The best advice is to arrange fumigation for as soon as possible before things proceed too far.

How Long Will I Need to Be Out of My House During Fumigation?

This is another difficult question to answer because it will very much depend on the type of fumigation used and the ease by which your home can be aerated. You will not be able to return to your home until it is safe to do so – these gasses and poisons are dangerous to humans as well as pests. In most instances the fumigation team will have an expert who will test the air to decide when it is safe. You will be able to get a better idea of how long this is all going to take by speaking directly to your fumigation team.

What Things Will I Need to Remove from My Home During Fumigation?

This is another of the very important fumigation FAQs. You will be expected to remove all living things from the home that you don’t want eradicated – this means plants as well as pets. You will also need to deal with all foodstuffs and this will have to be kept in special bags. You may also be expected to remove furniture such as mattresses and children’s toys. You will be given the exact details by your fumigation team and it is important that you follow these exactly.

So there you have just some fumigation FAQs. If you still have queries unresolved then you should be able to get advice from your fumigation team. Most companies these days have a website where they post fumigation FAQs specific to their business.

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