Fumigation Process

The fumigation process can be very effective but only if it is done correctly. This is something that you want will only want done once; if it is done correctly it should be the end of your pest problem. Some people make the mistake of trying to fumigate on the cheap, but this is often a false economy as they have to repeat the fumigation process again. A quality service ensures that the job is done correctly and safely – remember that this involves dangerous toxins that should never be in the hands of amateurs.

Understanding the Fumigation Process

The fumigation process can be broken down into three main stages; preparation, fumigation, and aerification. We will examine each part of this process in a bit more detail here.

Fumigation Preparation

This is an essential aspect of the fumigation process and if it isn’t done correctly it could lead to disastrous consequences – remember that we are dealing with highly toxic compounds here. The main focus of this part of the process is ensuring that the building is safe to fumigate. This means removing all living things from the area including plants – the fumigation products will kill indiscriminately. It is also important to protect any items that could absorb the poisons; items like foodstuff will need to be put in special plastic bags. The fumigation team will also have to seal your home so that gasses can’t escape during the fumigation process. Only when it is safe to proceed will the fumigation actually take place.


Fumigation involves using either a gas or pesticide to kill the pests you are trying to eradicate. The choice of toxin will very much depend on the type of infestation and the extent of it – the important thing is that no matter what methods is selected that it does the job completely. If there are is any infestation left afterwards it will just mean that the problem will return and fumigation will have been a waste of time.


After the fumigation has been completed, and enough time has been given for the toxins to do their job, the next task will be aerification. This involves allowing air to flow around the house in such a way as to remove the toxins – making the air breathable again. Special fumigation equipment will be used to monitor the air and determine when it is safe. Many factors will determine how long this will take but the fumigation company should be able to give you a good estimate.

Each of the three parts of the fumigation process is vital and care needs to be taken that no corners are cut in an attempt to save time or money. The professionals who do this job regularly understand the dangers and will be able to follow the fumigation process precisely. Any amateur attempting to follow this process might not only fail to eliminate the infestation but could also put people’s life in danger. This is why it pays to always choose the professionals.

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