Fumigation is sometimes necessary if pests become out of control in your home. Finding yourself in such a situation can be very distressing, but luckily this situation can be resolved. Of course you will want to look at those conditions that led to the problem arising in the first place and do all you can to remedy the situation. Fumigation is hopefully only something that you will need to do once – if done right and you make changed there should be no reason for it to be ever required again. This pest eradication process is something most of us know little about so hopefully by the end of this article you will feel better informed.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a pest eradication process that involves poisonous gasses or pesticides to solve the problem. Any pests in the building will be either poisoned or suffocated – getting all of them is important because if there are some left you might only be getting a temporary solution. There are many ways that the fumigation process can take place; a lot will depend on the type of poison or gas that is being used. It is highly likely though that you won’t have the use of your home for the duration of the treatment – the exact length of time that this will take will be determined by how fast your home can be aerated afterwards. The normal procedure is that a highly qualified member of the fumigation team will check the air with special equipment to see if it’s still dangerous.

In order for fumigation to occur there needs to be a lot of preparation first of all. It is important that all pets and plants are removed from the area and that any food is protected with special bags. You will also likely need to take precautions in your garden if you have flowers or other plants that could be damaged. If you have a chimney then this will probably need to be blocked. It might even be necessary to remove furniture items such as mattresses. It is also important that all children’s toys are protected so that there is no poison left behind on them. The fumigators will provide the exact instructions for how you need to protect your home.

Why Might You Need Fumigation?

The decision to choose fumigation will often be taken after other tactics have tried and failed or when it is decided that things have progressed too far for other methods. One of the most common reasons for choosing fumigating a building is because termites are out of control. Some people put off fumigation for as long as possible but this can be a bad mistake; it just gives more time for the pests to cause damage to your home. It is therefore important that you establish the need for this quickly and that you get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem is almost certainly not the right approach in this situation – this could end up costing you a lot of money.

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